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Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Writing Tips

Feb 9, 2017 by Danny

Top SOP writing tips Many...

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Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Writing Tips

Posted on Feb 9, 2017 by Danny

Top SOP writing tips

Many are the times scholars find themselves required to write a statement of purpose for graduate school. Below we discuss various tips that may help you to write a remarkable statement of purpose. A statement of purpose should be unique and free from plagiarism. A personal statement such as a statement of purpose should be about you, your professional interests, what you have achieved professionally and what you plan for the future.

  • Tell about yourself

You should clearly tell about your personality. Why are you different from others; unique? Share the experiences that make you a different person.

  • Adhere to the instructions if there are any

All professional writers always ensure they follow the given requirements and instructions. Have the school given you any instructions? Follow them to letter. This may include simple requirements such as word/character limit as well as what should be covered.

  • Explain why you

Clearly show your passion for the course and why you should be admitted to the school. Avoid statements but use stories since statements will only tell but does not show; stories will help the reader to picture what you are explaining in his/her mind.

  • How much do you know the program/course

Understanding the program is of importance. Think how the course you are requesting to undertake may have been related to your life. Explain any prior-experience related to the course; this may be an added advantage.

  • How will the program benefit you

It's highly advisable to tell about your short term and long term goals. What do you plan to do with the course? What will you be doing as you study with the little you will be gaining.

  • Show your interest for the school

Research about the school you are applying and understand it inside out. When writing the statement of purpose, demonstrate how the school interests you. For example; their faculty, games, alumni etc.

  • Be concise, specific and clear

To be able to convince the admission board, your SOP should be written in a professional manner; professors will be reviewing it and not just normal human being.

  • Grammar, professionalism and common errors

Most importantly is to have professional editors help with proofreading your statement of purpose to ensure there are no errors. The errors may include; typos, grammar mistakes, improper sentence flow, low quality English/wording.


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